Sephora Brooklyn Grand Opening: What I wore


Not sure if the whole wearing pajamas causally trend has ended (not that I care), but since it was fairly nice outside I decided to slip them on anyways. Leandra Medine, of the man repeller has been my main inspiration. She really knows how to make someone push the limit of wearing things that most people won't really agree with. It's funny because as my mom saw my outfit displayed out on my bed she says, "A si vas a la calle? Como vas a poner pantalones de pajamas?" In English meaning if I am going out in the street like that? And how would I wear my pajama pants? I love how my mom questions my style.

I consider myself lucky when I found those pajama pants while fishing through my cousin's wardrobe. I believe the pajama pants were originally purchased from Victoria's Secret. I Paired it with a plaid shirt from the little boys section of Tommy Hilfiger, my city bag and boots from Zara. My scarf from JC Penny and my jacket is Vintage Versace.

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