And there goes the skinny jeans


New York City weather was just absolutely refreshing this weekend. It was 50 degrees Fahrenheit and really sunny. I mean us New Yorkers really needed a break from the snow, slush and cold weather. Very Soon, my spring fever will be at an all time high. 

As for my look, I opted for a more basic look this weekend because I knew I was going to be a busy body. I wore a very light turtle neck purchased from target along with my skinny jeans that did a phenomenal job at hugging my curves that I purchased from H&M (click here to see item). I think I've finally found my favorite pair of jeans. My jeans were worn with my silver h&m heels with tassels and my jacket by Zara.

 My activities for the day consist of walking around SoHo visiting the New museum(which is my favorite museum to go to) eating Chipotle and parading around admiring the SoHo lifestyle and fashion that was seen this weekend. I actually regret not taking street style photos because people were really ridiculously stylish, I mean it was amazing.

 Accessories details: Shades- Forever21 Necklace- random jewelry store on 34th st Earrings:Crooklyn Pink

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