Skin experiment: Can coconut oil work for those dark under eye circles?


I remember buying a large jar of coconut oil a few months ago for my hair, hoping that it would do some justice, only to find out that it did absolutely nothing but dry my hair and scalp. I panicked. So I went on the internet to figure out some awesome ways to use coconut oil(other than cooking). Finally, coconut oil for dark under eye circles. Something I can relate to.

So what causes dark under eye circles? Dehydration, stress, smoking, excessive rubbing of the eye area, over exposure to sun, aging, and it can even be hereditary. I mean the list goes on and on.

With so much creams and anti aging systems, I just couldn't afford nor did I have the patience to buy everything to try it. So I resulted in a more "natural" alternative.

I purchased my coconut oil from "The Vitamin Shoppe" in Downtown Brooklyn...

I started off with my night time skin routine... Before applying coconut oil under your eyes it is best you start off with a fresh clean and moisturized face.

I started off with an oil cleanser: Using Castor oil, I massaged oil all over my face for about 2 minutes to remove any impurities from my skin. Shortly after massaging, I gently rub a towel with warm water onto my face in order to remove the oil(castor oil is a very thick oil so it is more difficult to remove)

Next step, the cream cleanser: After washing off the oil, I proceed to wash my face with a cream cleanser. Because I already used the oil cleanser, I massage the cleanser on my face for about 60 seconds and wash it off with cool water.

Now that you are done cleansing, let's moisturize: I literally use a dime size amount of Shea butter to moisturize my face. As the saying goes "A little goes a long way". If you overwhelm  your face with Shea butter it becomes oily, so just use a pinch.

Finally, Applying the coconut oil: Apply a very small amount of coconut oil onto your ring finger and thumb(I know, its awkward but you will be applying the coconut oil using your ring finger, which is the finger that is much more sensitive to your skin than the others). Be very mindful about the amount you apply because if coconut oil gets into your eyes it can cause temporary blurriness in your vision(trust me I know, happened to me so much times)Massage the oil between your fingers for a few seconds and proceed to apply it under your eye. Massage under each of your eyes for about 3 minutes and then go to sleep.

 Me after I applied it on Night 1.

This is me on day 4

My conclusion: I can see that my dark circles are disappearing from the outer part of under my eye and there is still darkness in the inner, so that's good progress. But consistency is key and my advice is to keep drinking water and green tea also really works with clearing your skin.

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