Why stretching hair with heat can be beneficial to your your natural hair regimen


I think what a lot of ladies with Afro textured hair are mostly afraid of is damage because we've been lead to believe that our hair is not like other hair, and that our hair is of a different breed. We are told that if we want that big healthy Erykah Badu Afro we have to use tons of conditioner with natural ingredients, use little to no styling tools and use heat at least once a year. I am here to address that all of that are FALSE.

There is no denial in saying that heat damage is a natural hair girl's worst enemy. Heat damage, especially towards someone with a curly kinky hair texture can alter the hair texture, volume and density leaving the hair looking limp and dead. This causes most woman with natural hair to have little to no desire to apply any type of heat onto the hair.

As far as heat damage goes, it is caused by an extreme amount of heat being applied to the hair. So adding heat to your hair regimen, especially when stretching the hair is perfectly fine as long as you are aware of the amount of heat that you are using depending on your hair type and texture. So no, the amount times in which you use heat will not affect your hair in anyway. However, because you are using heat it is always good to apply a protein deep conditioner to revitalize the hair.

So why use heat to stretch your hair? Because kinky curly hair is more prone to tangling and those pain in the ass single strand knots, heat stretching will only make hair styling much more easier, also helping to avoid those unnecessary tangles and single strand knots. Simple as that.

Stop making natural hair care so difficult. It is not that serious, our hair is just like everyone else expect the obvious difference in texture.

My hair was originally in a braid out, but it also loses definition very fast.

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