AFROPUNK Fest day 1: Street style


This weekend my friends and I attended the annual AFROPUNK Fest for the first time. In case you have no idea what the AFROPUNK Fest is, it is a multicultural festival that takes place once a year(usually towards the end of summer) that allows music acts to express their eclectic style through their music. The festival lasts for the whole weekend. Based on photos I've seen online from the past, attendees of this festival come with their style "A" game. Finally being able to see so much individuals in person naturally expressing themselves is the most refreshing feeling ever! I was so happy to see this in person. For someone who've never been to such an event, the atmosphere felt very comfortable which made it so much more easier to socialize, dance and have fun.

         I took it upon myself to take photos of the attendees because I was so fascinated by everyone's individuality. Here are some of my personal favorites! Photos taken from today were from day one... So stay tuned for more photos on day 2!

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