How to shop without breaking the bank

     One thing that everyone seems to have a problem with is buying clothes in within your budget and later blowing your money on other meaningless pieces that will last them less than a year. Through my experiences, I've discovered, like most people I am not a master at properly spending money on clothes, however, I've found a pretty effective way to shop for clothes without breaking the bank (I am still surprised that I have enough money on my debit card). Panic no further...

1. Set a realistic budget

 This first step is key; please do not dive in head first shopping when you know you do not earn enough in a year to purchase $1,100 heels. BE VERY REALISTIC. Think to yourself: Where do I want to shop? What is the look I am going for? Most importantly, how much will everything cost?

2. It is okay to invest  

 I think that no matter what your budget is, you must always invest! Seriously, make it work! Do not just invest in anything but invest in something you can see yourself wearing the in the long run, create some longevity into your wardrobe. For example, if your budget is $300 then it is okay to buy that $150 coat but make sure that coat can last you more than a year! Here are some items I would personally invest in:

These Leather high heeleed ankle boots from Zara retail for $139

 Patent cap toe leather bots from Zara retail for $189

  This H&M flared coat retails for $129

Another H&M wool coat retails for $129

 3. Look thoroughly through the sales rack!

Nine times out of ten when you are looking through a sales rack, you are likely to find items from the previous season. If you are shopping for the fall, do not be afraid to buy clothes from the summer. In order to make it work, add extra layers and/ or incorporate a lot of black, grey and navy blue. Try something like this:
or this:

4. Optional: Consider the little boys section!

If you are small and/or petite like me, do not hesitate to look through the little boys section for clothing. You will actually be surprised at what you find. Stores like Zara, Abercrombie & Fitch and even century 21 offer clothes for little boys that you can actually pull off as women's wear and/or unisex. The best part about shopping at the little boys section is that you are saving so much more money than you would if you were to buy something in adult size. On top of that, unlike shopping at a little girls section, you will not have to worry about looking like a child whenever you sport an item from the little boys section.

I hope I was able to help! What methods do you use to save money while shopping? Share your thoughts...

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