How to stay alive wearing all black


There is not a lot of people I encounter that are huge fans of wearing an all-black ensemble, me being included. I've heard a lot of "I'm not going to a funeral" or "I look boring" and my favorite one "I'm not trying to look goth". By the way, all of these responses are usually triggered by one all-black ensemble fail. How many of you can say you've really explored the color black through your clothes and not shoes? Don't answer that question just yet! I'm here to help...

         No, I'm not a fan of an all-black outfit, however, looking through my closet has convinced me otherwise. Randomly looking through my closet I was able to pull three all-black ensembles that could convince someone who is not a fan of an "all-black everything" outfit to look into it. Before you decide to shun an "all-black ensemble", here are three things you should consider...

1. Don't be afraid to mix the material of clothing:

Let me further clarify... It is completely okay to mix a black silk shirt with a black quilt material skirt. In my case, it is a satin dress paired with a leather jacket and fur covered sandals along with a clutch plastered with feathers on the bottom.

 Dress: H&M
Sandals: DIY
Clutch: DIY

  2. Add color!

The best thing about sporting an all-black outfit is having the option of adding a color. When wearing a dark monochromatic outfit, another way of making the outfit stand out is adding colors. It is best to add colors through your accessories(jewelry, eye makeup, lip color, shoes, bag and even hair!). Less is more when you are adding color to an all-black fit'. You begin to do too much when you add more that two variety of colors to your outfit. Also, when adding colors, if you decide to add the recommended amount(which is two), be sure to add colors that will correspond with each other. In my case, I added a neon yellow clutch with bright orange lipstick.

Shirt,skirt & booties: Zara
Lipstick: RED SQUARE by NARS
Sunglasses: Forever21

3. Add prints!

Last but not least... Add prints! I know, I know, adding prints might just take away from the whole concept of creating the "all-black ensemble" but lets just count this one; technically, you are incorporating black so even if its not all black the majority is black. Get it? When adding prints, you want to make sure that black is not necessarily the base color of the print but the color takes up most of the print. In my case, my pants are checked patterned; the base color is white and the lines are black.The same goes with my socks, they are of a striped pattern and the base color is white and the stripes are black. This makes black the majority color.

Top & Trousers: Zara
Shoes: ShoeMint
Sunglasses: Forever21


  1. Great post, I really needed this! I have to wear all black for work which I liked at first but now it's starting to get a bit boring. Definitely going to try these tips next week :)
    Ooh and I love the Forever21 jacket x

    1. No problem! & thanks! Please tweet me @daeceryc I would love to see how you've incorporate the changes into your work fit' :)


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