#TGIF: Outfit of the Week (I woke up like this)

Happy Friday to you all! This week has definitely been a busy one, but as promised, here's my favorite look of the week. Due to my new busy life(and still battling bad time management), I've finally decided that it is time to put my fro to rest(temporarily). I was not too sure how my new hair style would play out with my day-to-day style but I actually think things worked out in my favor! Just like last week, I've decided to pick Friday to photograph my look. I'll be honest... This look was rushed. It was one of those "I can't find anything to wear but I have to leave before I'm late" looks, or in other words "I woke up like this".

     I decided to be casual again. I started off with this skirt that I purchased from Zara ages ago. I'm not really a big mini skirt person, but I forgot how comfortable this skirt actually was! Along with that skirt, I decided to put on an old graphic tee I purchased from Forever21 ages ago. I used my old thrifted Gap jacket as a cover up, but I took it off quickly because it was so hot! On my feet are boots that I purchased from Zara about a month ago. Click Here to purchase them. What do you think of my outfit of the week? Share your thoughts!

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