4 Things to consider if you want to go natural

Kinky hair is not as 'unmanageable' as you think it is:

 Kinky hair is kinky hair: it has a coarse appearance, it may look "unkempt" and appears as if it is hard to manage. Not to mention, the massive shrinkage. I get it. What people don't realize is there is fine kinky hair and coarse kinky hair. Here's the difference:

 Source: curlynikki.com

Do you guys see it? Natural hair manageability (in general) does not revolve around the texture of the hair but the quality of your hair strands. Is your hair fine? Is it coarse? These are key components of  having healthy hair; focus on your strands and you hair will be as long as the girl with the textured curls. Being very mindful of your hair strands can ultimately help you figure out what kind of hair tools and hair products might actually work for you. This saves yourself from experiencing a lot of trial and error. A small side note: The hair typing system does absolutely nothing for your hair. It's bullshit. Stop going by it.

There is no magic oil or conditioner that will help your hair grow:

Often times I get questions from readers and even old high school classmates asking me what products do I use for my hair to grow. Nine times out of ten my answer is 'Nothing'. Going into my second year of being natural, after visiting a hair stylist, I realized that my hair did not need product at all. Conditioner gave enough moisture and the products that I was using only caused build-up. Let me also remind you that I am not a fan of washing my hair (I wash my hair every two weeks) so having a lot of build up really weighed down my hair.

Conditioner or oil does not help hair grow. As a matter of fact, hair products does not help hair grow. The hair care method and keeping up with your trims is what makes you hair retain length. It's that easy. Here's a helpful tip: Smoothing out the follicles of your hair while washing will help you're hair retain enough moisture, so you won't need any extra hair products after washing your hair. Your hair sucks up conditioner like a sponge. If you choose to use leave-in conditioner after, apply only a dime-size. A little goes a long way.

Yes... You need to be patient, learn your hair:

This is crucial. Patience is important. I think a lot of women begin live vicariously through their "hair crush" and start to believe that whatever they do to their hair to make it grow, will work for them. Sadly, this is false. Keep in mind that black hair is the most versatile hair and also comes in many variations of textures. What works for me, might not work for you. Do your research! Read blogs, find youtubers who have similar hair textures than you and make time to visit a hairstylist to keep up with your trims. Create an outlet for yourself so that you can create a unique and effective hair care regimen that will work strictly for your mane. Learning the science of black hair has also helped me in my natural hair journey. Always stay educated on your hair! You weren't given a manual on how to take care of your hair so figuring out how to take care of it is key to healthy natural hair (unless you can afford a hairstylist, than that's a different story).

 I'd like to say that I have my hair figured out and it's only been two years! Can you guys see the difference?

While I encourage patience, one way that I've managed to speed up the pace is by using hair vitamins (hairfinity to be exact). I will not recommend you use any hair vitamins unless you are aware of the way your body functions and your vitamin intake.With Hairfinity, a lot of people have been complaining that it's made their hair grow but has also thinned out with time. I'm not a nutritionist, but my guess was too much vitamin intake. I've only taken the two month dosage (and it will continue that way because I am way too inconsistent with any type of medication/vitamin) but in within a month I saw so much growth!

No need to spend more than $10 on your hair products:

Now this is optional. I won't tell you how to spend your money, but if you're a broke girl in college, broke in general or just have no desire to spend money on hair products, than you might want to actually read this:

So much women with natural hair think that in order to survive, you have to buy all natural hair products. I mean all natural, as in made from actual trees, seeds and leaves without any sulphates and mineral oil, and fragrance. That is false. If you allow that to get embedded in your brain than you will have the hardest time looking for affordable hair products. Here are the top 3 products I've used that cost under $10:

 This Suave Naturals: Tropical Coconut retails for about $2.49 at Rite Aid. The prices vary depending on which drug store you go to, but for the most part, you will pay under $5. This conditioner really does the job!

This was so new to me. I'm so glad I encountered this during my time of desperation. Let's say you have zero time to head to the drug store and in dire need of conditioner, this conditioner is perfect! This Lander Herbal Paradise: Tropical Fruit cost me 99 cents at my local 99 cents store. If you live in NYC like me (particularly in Brooklyn) you might actually find this at your local 99 cents store as well!

Almost every female with natural hair knows about this product; mainly the shampoo. It is known for cleansing your scalp while giving it a tingling sensation. I love this shampoo! I do recommend that whenever you use this shampoo, work directly into your scalp; otherwise your hair will be dry. This Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle shampoo retails for $4. It is worth it!

 What are some methods/advice have you given to someone who was considering going natural? I would love to know in the comment section!
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  1. I am going to try some of this products :D
    we have similar hair and i pray it will help me too


  2. I have curly hair and my struggle is daily just not wanting to pull it into a bun/ponytail and not think about it!! Thanks for the tips and for the frugal ideas! Pinned.

  3. Thank you for the tips! You have many inspirational posts! Love it!


  4. Thanks for the tips. I have tried the Sauve & Trader's Joe's but not Lander I will put it on my list.


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