Why I'm not hyped up about H&M and Alexander Wang Collaboration


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   Well, first of all, I just want to start off with saying that the photos seen above are my favorite pieces from the recent collaboration H&M did with Alexander Wang. Will I purchase anything from this collection? Probably not. Why you ask?...

      Business wise, I think this collaboration was a genius idea! Alexander Wang has definitely done an immaculate job with making a name for himself in within pop/hip hop culture and the fashion industry, so it is only right he give the average person (people who wouldn't be able to afford his ready-to-wear collection) a piece of the pie. Fabulous! According to the New York Times, Wang explains his collection as "A gym rat's world". It is revolved around fashionable athletic wear or athletic fashion. I get it. Maximum comfort and style. He also emphasizes how functional the clothing is. It is water-proof, quick drying and includes breathable technical marvels. At least we know the people are getting what they pay for.

      I think I start to get uninterested when the thought linger in my head like "Damn, Alexander Wang is a hot commodity. Who isn't gonna buy at least one piece?". In New York City, specifically in the hood' (where I live), everyone looks up to rappers who've glamorized material items and raps about famous designers they wear/work with. So by default, Alexander Wang has become a hood' hit. Everyone in the hood wants to be hot and high fashion and Alexander Wang has definitely opened those doors for the credit card scammers, the dope dealers, the women who are in relationships with those dope dealers and swipers (another word for credit card scammer) and worst of all, the hypebeast, the people who are excited to sport designer wear but will probably not style it decently. There is nothing wrong with that diversity. Nothing, nothing at all; but when you see a bunch of wannabes walking around trying to be something you know their not, It can make you a bit frustrated. I guess that's the goal right? To make people feel good? I guess my real frustration with this is that I will see a bunch of people with the same thing and expressing no individuality. I speak on this because individuality is what the city is and seeing almost none of it will tamper with my source of inspiration. I don't know. There is probably a lot of other questions that goes behind this but that's what I'm here for! Lets discuss this.

P.S. This is no shade towards Alexander Wang. I love his ideas and his design aesthetic. I am just expressing what I expect to see moving forward to the release of this collection.

How are you feeling about Alexander Wang's latest collaboration with H&M?
Am I the only person that is not so hyped up about this?


  1. Last jacket and first dress are amazing! For me its a good collaboration! Thank you for accepted my friendship on IFB. I’m very happy of this!!! Kisses,


  2. No, I'm with you on this. In making his label accessible to the masses, AW is potentially risking alienating those in the process of (or have already) creating their unique style voice, such as yourself. I wouldn't not purchase anything from the line, though, I'd probably get one piece (I love that cape cropped thingy in the second image) and style it in such a way that it's barely recognisable as an AW for H&M piece :) that might work.

    Sheela (http://sheelagoh.com/)

    1. I totally agree with you! The collection its self looks high fashion and ready-to-wear. Aside from seeing the repetitive styles in NYC, I didn't really catch this particular collection as something I can see myself wearing years from now. whereas his spring 2013 (mainly the dresses in that collection) might actually become some sort of classic in the future

  3. Love the article. Well written xo


  4. I agree, his pieces are a street style blogger's dream but I can imagine everyone looking the same once the line goes out on sale in Nov.


  5. Frankly I think high fashion comes from the hood ... always. So your predictions definitely aren't surprising. I agree it gets frustrating when you want to wear something to claim individuality but end up being one of many instead. Awesome post :)

    Maggie A


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