How do you know you've picked out the right outfit?

Everyone has had those days where you walk out your house thinking you look like Beyonce and come to find out (after looking at a few photos) you look like boo-boo the fool. If you want to get a visual, I'm talking somewhere along the lines of this:

Yup, that's a female boo-boo the fool. I'm not one to say that I have it all together but I've figured out some way you can avoid looking like such (refer to the photo above).

1. Be very careful of the color palette you choose to put together:

This goes for makeup and fashion! I am all for mixing things up but there is always a limit. Be realistic. As far as makeup goes, make sure to blend, blend, blend! The last thing you want to see are streaks after a highlight and contour session and a bright line under the brow bone from highlighting. Not flattering! When it comes down to fashion, allow the makeup to correspond with your outfit. Two things you want to avoid is: (A) Using more than two patterns in one outfit and (B) using more than three colors in one outfit. Try not to over-do it. Ms. Boo-Boo the fool messed up when she over did the striped pattern and the over-usage of the color red. There is no balance... It's all about creating balance.

2. Proportions:

Speaking of balance, proportions are very important and honestly, it is also my weakness. Fashion is fun, so it is very easy to over look what might actually be good for your body type. Make sure that whatever you choose to wear agrees with your body type. For example: My petite figure will not allow me to wear a boxy silhouette unless I have a skinny bottom, otherwise I appear much shorter than I actually am. You can still have fun with proportions without looking like the female Boo-boo the Fool. Wear the clothes, don't let it wear you.

3. Take a photo!:

Taking a photo before choosing your final outfit allows you to explore more options. It helps with makeup and fashion. Taking a photo of your makeup before you walk out the house allows you to see if your makeup is in tact and helps determines where and/or whether or not you are in need of a touch up. Taking a photo of you outfit not only helps to see how your outfit will be photographed but it can help you vividly see where are your fashion hits and misses.

How to take an effective photo:
  • If you do not have a professional camera, your phone camera is the next best thing. Selfies may not look out for your best interest, your best bet is to turn the camera around.
  • Just in case your lighting is not that great, always use flash! The flash tells you the truth. You are better off.
  • No need for anyone to take a photo for you when you can use an auto-timer. It is seriously the best way to get out of someone's bad photography.
Here is an example of an effective photo:

 I had to brighten the photo on the left because of the lighting but ultimately the photo on the right really helped me see if my makeup looked good with my outfit.


  1. Great tips and love the dress!

  2. Wow! This is so helpful :)



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