Makeup Experiment: How good is Becca's 'The one perfecting' brush?

A few months ago, I purchased Becca's most recent 'holy grail' product: The One Perfecting Brush.  Up until now, I've only used this brush specifically for contouring. After watching a few reviews via YouTube, I decided to test out this brush for a full face routine. Becca's 'The One Perfecting brush' is created to give your face a seamless finish using one brush and replacing a concealer and foundation brush, fan brush, stipple brush, kabuki brush, contour brush and even a beauty blender (I was sold after beauty blender because beauty blenders are angels sent from above). The bristles are made from organic goat hair mixed the synthetic hair which is suppose to make for an immaculate blending session. The brush retails at $49 and was purchased at Sephora. A little really goes a long way when you use this brush. If you notice (refer to photo above), the product on the brush does not go past the top -- like most brushes -- and it makes it so much easier because you can use less product. In the packaging of the brush, there are directions on how to use and clean the brush. My word of advice, read carefully because after a while, the brush will start to shed a lot. All in all, I would say it is definitely worth the money. What are your thoughts? Would you consider buying this brush?

Here are the products that I used:

Step 1:
I took my Glossier skin tint and distributed the product onto my face evenly in an upward motion.

Step 2:
I used the end of the brush to help blend in my concealer using the medium tone of my Fashion Fair true finish concealer.

Step 3:
 I did my normal highlighting...

Step 4:
And my contour...

The Finished Look


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