Winter Layering 101: How to stay chic and warm


On a scale of 1-10, how hard is it to stay appropriately warm and chic at the same time without looking like this?

Okay, I've imagined that enough people say 9 out of 10, so lets just agree that this is a problem that simply cannot be ignored. I'd say the biggest problem for me and my 4 feet 11 inch petite figure is that I HAVE to be conscious of how much layers I put on my body; otherwise I look like a small butterball (and that would be minus a puffer coat). Nonetheless, I might have found a solution a simple solution that can work for women of all different height and sizes.

Here are some things you want to keep in mind when you are layering for the winter:
    • Comfort is key. If you can barely move your arms when you walk then you've layered too much. Make your winter fit' moveable.
    • It is okay to mix fabrics, i.e. wool and leather, knit and satin. It makes layering more interesting!
    • No need to feel as if you need to sacrifice warmth for the sake of nice shoes or a nice shirt. Remember that the goal to achieve maximum warmth in style.  
    • It's not about being practical; don't be afraid to be creative!
    1. Start off light

    Mom jeans aren't the most flattering, but I find that it makes me feel more warm. As for the top, I started off with a light ribbed turtleneck; this way it makes layering more easier for me.

    2. Add on!

    I added a cotton material sweater on top. I am much warmer and I can also create a cool color-block with nude and navy.

    3. A jacket before a coat

    This is my favorite way to layer! Adding on a jacket before a coat is a great way to layer because it reinforces warmth before your coat does. Being that your coat is heavier than your jacket, make sure that the jacket you put on before your coat is no heavier than denim. It's all about balance.

    4. Add your favorite accessories

    Remember that you are trying to maintain style and warmth, add your favorite accessories!

    5. Add the final layer... Your coat

    Last but not least, add your chic coat to complete your ensemble!

    How did this work for you? What are some ways you layer for the winter?

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