Makeup experiment: Lipstick out of crayon

 There is nothing more enjoyable than being broke and creative. This week classes resumed which left me with the tightest budget I've experienced in a while because of the cost of textbooks. In the life of an average 'college broke girl', creativity is what saves lives nationwide. Just because I'm broke doesn't mean I have to look like it right? I give credit to my best friend who brought up the idea of making lipstick out of crayon. I was all for it because: (A) it wasn't toxic and (B) I could try unique colors. Since she made lipstick out of crayon. I followed exactly what she did.

All in all the results came out great! Though YouTube served as our primary source, we got it right after our third attempt. On our first attempt, we put the lipstick in the 'frig for too long! And instead of lipstick, we ended up making another set of crayons in lipstick tubes. So we scraped out the tube (which can be tedious) for attempt number two. During attempt number two, my best friend dropped crayons into the boiling water, which left us to find another set of crayons to reboil. After the reboiling, we let the lipstick cool down. We then realized the lipstick was still crayon-like. This lead to attempt number three. Once again, we found ourselves re-scrapping the lipstick out of the tubes. On attempt number three we found a solution. We didn't add any oil! And the only reason why we were avoiding it before was because my best friend said coconut oil made the lipstick too greasy, however, we also thought the Shea butter and Vaseline will hold off just as much, if not, more moisture. We opted for castor oil instead. I found that using castor oil made the lipstick much more moisturizing (than the ones that I buy). The lipstick lasted me for the night. Even after I ate and drank water, the color was still there. That actually took me by surprise. I mean who knew we would go through so much for some damn lipstick?!

Materials Used
Crayola crayons
 Lipstick tubes and/or lip gloss containers
1 Pot

 Step 1:
Pick out your desired colors.
Writing them down is optional but helpful for remembering and identifying.

Step 2:
Peel off the crayons

Step 3:
Break the crayons into pieces and put them into a cup.
One color should go in one individual cup.

Step 4:
Since plastic cups were used, we only put a small amount of water; enough to allow the crayons to properly melt and enough so that the plastic itself will not melt. This is optional. We used it because at this point we were not sure how this was going to come out so we wanted something we can easily throw out. If this is your first time trying this, plastic cups is something I would recommend. Wait for the crayons to melt and proceed to stir until it develops a liquid consistency.

Step 5:
Up next was to add the Vaseline. The yellow substance that we added was Shea butter.

Step 6:
Poor into lipstick tube and/or lip gloss container and let it cool. Be sure that if you are pouring into a lipstick tube that the tube is pushed all the way down so that the lipstick can fill the whole tube. Let it cool outside for about 5 minutes.

The Final Look

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