Valentine's Day 2015: What would you wear?

Karimah: Day time

Daecery: Night time


Karimah: Night time

With Valentine's Day about a week away, My best friend Karimah and I decided to curate a Valentine's Day day and night look book. The main idea was to come up with outfits appropriate to wear on Valentine's Day for day and night time while incorporating the traditional colors pink and/or red. I brought Karimah along because I wanted to her to show her version of sexiness from a curvy girl's perspective. Here's the story:

Day time look

Daecery: One thing I love about Valentine's Day are the colors. I decided to incorporate pink by adding them along with my favorite pastel colors. The Peach skirt made the look more feminine while the grey turtleneck added a little warmth to the over all outfit. I completed the look with my white Alexander Wang heels.

Karimah: I am a busy working woman, so I went for a look that can allow me to go from day time at the office to a dinner date; something that could be sexy and work appropriate. I wore my favorite skinny jeans because I love the way they hug my curves. I added the pink shirt and tucked it from the back so that I can be able to show my curves from the back. The red blazer added the office look which allowed the look to be more work appropraite all while being sexy. I concluded the outfit with T-strap heels that I made myself, along with my favorite vintage Chloe sunglasses.

Night Time look

Daecery: I figured pink and red wouldn't really work for a sexy night time look; when I think sexy, I think black and gray. I used the same gray turtleneck (from the day time look) but I added a black mini skirt I purchased at Zara. To pair up the color palette of the outfit, I added my silver pumps from Shoemint and concluded the whole look with a fur coat that my mom wore in the 80's. I Incorporated red by adding it on to my lips.

Karimah: When it comes to night time, I am all about being sexy. I wanted to make sure I was sexy for myself and for my man. I like to show a little bit of everything. One rule I don't believe in (especially as a curvy girl) is 'If you show legs than you can't show breasts and if you show breasts, you can't show legs'. I wore my lace skirt because once again, it showed my curves the way I want them to. I paired them up with a white button up and added the 90's knot to add more sexiness. I concluded the outfit by wearing a green old over sized blazer, chic pair of fur boots that I made and adding a sexy red lip.

Like our outfits? What would you wear on Valentine's Day?


  1. So stylish!!

  2. I love the fist outfit!



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