Glitter lips Inspired by Pat McGrath's LUST 004

World renowned and legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath most recently released her own lip kit called Lust 004. McGrath's lip kit included three color schemes: Flesh, Bloodwine and Vermillion venom. Each color scheme included 2 matte lipstick colors custom for dark and light skin tones, clear vinyl gloss, metallic gold pigment and flesh micro fine glitter. Each set retails for $60, one individual lipstick retails for $25 and to purchase a full lip kit set (including ALL shades) retails for $150. I am all for Pat McGrath's products because they are of quality and I even wear her Skin Fetish 003 on a daily basis. Her products speak for her prominent work in the fashion/beauty industry and also speaks for the knowledge she has about what ingredients she uses and how she mixes them to create the unique runway makeup looks that she is known for creating. Not to mention, she is vibrant and full of #BlackGirlMagic.

Esther and I collaborated to recreate the glitter lips. Considering our college broke girl budget, neither of us were able to get our hands on the lip kit as she released it in the beginning of the semester (college textbooks come first, unfortunately). Fortunately, the look can be done in three easy steps. Here's how we recreated the look:

Step 1:  Apply a matte lipstick or a tinted balm stink
Step 2: Apply a gloss (the same color as the matte or a clear color)
Step 3: Apply a generous amount of glitter on top

Let me know if this look worked for you. Tag Esther and myself on Instagram and let us know!

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