I Still Wear My Pajamas Casually

Dating back to 2013, I mentioned  wearing pajamas as a current trend, naming examples such as Marc Jacobs and Leandra Medine of Man Repeller who have been rocking pajamas since I first mentioned it. It's quite fascinating how now in 2016, the trend has reached to the masses and now every person who is considered a fashion taste maker (i.e. Rihanna) put their own twist on the trend. Online boutiques has also taken it upon themselves to sell footwear with fur detailing dedicating themselves to this trend (i.e. Public Desire, Asos and Rihanna releasing her FentyxPuma slippers) and have upped the exposure by selling slip dresses, which also directly correlates with the pajama trend.

What is even more amazing about this trend (that took way too long to reach the masses) is fashion's adaption to valuing comfort and style. This pajama trend has allowed every person to not only look chic in a pair of PJ's but to be comfortable in doing so. Can we all agree on that? Make no mistake, this pajama trend dates back to the 1920s, where women were laced with silk pajama sets. I see this as history repeating itself with a twist because back then women and men were wearing pj's traditionally to go to bed. Personally, I decided to add my own twist to it. I added boyfriend jeans and chunky sandals to reinforce comfort.

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