Spunky Fall Accessories

There is a consensus -- specifically in New York City -- where people prefer the colder climate because of the necessary layering that comes with it. And with necessary layering comes with a more fashionable look. That is valid. So why not emphasize the accessories that you wear? I like to isolate the scarves because they not only enforce warmth but it has multiple uses other than being on your neck. I love fur scarves because it makes me look wealthy, it adds value to my look and gives me a classic look and most importantly, it comes in a variety of colors/patterns along with diverse price points. My scarf for example was purchased at '& Other Stories' on a 60% off sale, so yes I was lucky. Fortunately, below there are chic scarfs for different price points.

Styling tips: I usually style my fur scarf with leather and/or fur outerwear. If I am wearing a fur scarf with a leather jacket, I make sure I also style it along with statement earrings. And if I style with a fur coat or jacket I would wear statement head accessories (i.e. head wraps and turbans. Click here for an example).

How would you wear your spunky fall accessory?

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  1. I might wanna buy one for my girlfriend. This is good to know


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