My First Ever Interview with Stylista in Mind

Recently I was interviewed by Desiree Dossen of Stylista in Mind. I was honestly in shock when she DM'd me via Instagram and asked to send me some questions only because I never been interviewed unless (A) it was by a school counselor or (B) a company hiring employees. I didn't even know that anyone found me remotely interesting. Most interviews I've done are never genuine. She asked me so many questions about my style, beauty, my blog and my views on diversity within the fashion industry. She even referred back to some of my recent and past articles. Upon emailing Desiree back and forth we both realized that we have so much in common! Everything down to people we admire in the industry, the school we both attended and just our overall state of minds. I think that is what is beautiful about connecting with others via social media. I'm honestly glad that Desiree reached out.

But anyways my interview with Desiree can be found Here.

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